Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Video Scavenger Hunt!

The best time of your life!

A video scavenger hunt is this Friday's amazing activity! Tons of fun, and even more fighting, this will blow your hilarious genes. Just kidding about the fighting part.

Where: Meet at the HUB circle, and hunt all over Indiana.

When: 6:45, to break into teams.

What: What is a "video scavenger hunt" you ask?

Here are some of the rules:

-Teams should establish two captains, one being the driver of the vehicle for the team and the other being an Indiana native, or someone knowledgeable of the layout and back streets of Indiana.
-Each team will be given one video camera, 10 sheets of white paper (for 10 tasks), and a sharpie.
-You will work together to complete and film each task.
-The entire team must come to the Wallworks at 8:30p.m. regardless of how many tasks you have yet to attempt
-At approximately 8:40p.m. all of the participants will gather to watch the team videos

The scoring is based on a complex rubric (which each team will be given), and we'll watch the videos at the end of the night (they're usually pretty hilarious).

Here are some sample tasks from past years:

-Film the courthouse clock at exactly 8:12pm
-Carry a teammate through the Oakgrove while humming the "Superman" theme
-At a fast food restaurant, order mayonnaise in your coffee. A team member must then drink it.

Who knows what tasks await us this year!
(Don't worry, your team won't make you do anything you don't want to do)

Questions? Contact Megan W. at

See you there!

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