Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Not REC Anymore...

Hey everyone!

In this blogpost:
1. Hangout reminder (tonight!)
2. Join the Facebook group
3. Marty & Maryann Drago: If you asked them, they'd give you $50
4. Invitation Squad, 1pm Tuedays

Number One:
Just a reminder - we're meeting at 6:30 at the HUB circle (the dead end street between the HUB and Whitmyre) to drive out to Jan Murphy's Parent's house. We'll probably leave about 7 o'clock.

This is what's available tonight...
Sitting around a campfire
Eating food (s'mores n' stuff)
Taking the kayaks out onto the pond
Playing a game horseshoe
Talking to your friends
Singing camp songs
And stuff

questions? email

Number Two:
Check out the blog - Get updates and application questions every week
Join the Facebook group, "Resolved" - Get updates and such

Number Three:
If you haven't gotten a chance to meet them yet, Marty & Maryann Drago are cool and want to do anything they can for you. Their email address is

They'll talk to you, iron your shirts, clean your room, let you hang out at their house and feed you when they're there, give you a foot massage, eat your vegetables for you, and whatever else you ask them to do.

If you didn't see them at the meeting last week, have someone point them out to you this week. Then go say 'hi'.

Number Four:
In order to apply last week's message, everyone who would like to will be meeting

this Tuesday
at 1pm
at the HUB circle

to walk around and hand out invitations. Look for David Altrogge (who led worship) or Joe Ryer (who preached).

See you Tuesday at 7!

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