Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Upcoming Semester

Hey Everybody!

I hope you guys are having a great break and are psyched out of your minds to get back here to good ol' Indiana PA. We're going to have a great semester at Resolved and I'm excited about all that God is going to do this semester.

Here's a couple of things you need to know.

_The first meeting is on Tuesday, January 15th and will be in the Allegheny Room. Notice that we're not in our usual location at the Susquehanna Room. After the 15th we'll be meeting in our normal location.

_While you're on break, check out the New Attitude conference website. The address is www.newattitude.org. Please consider going to this conference.

Have a great final week of break, and come back ramped to go! See you when you get here...

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